The features of magnesy neodymowe.


   First, the craft of magnesy neodymowe is simple, the process is shortened, the product uniformity is good, it is suitable for industrialized batch production.


  Second, product size accuracy of magnesy neodymowe is high; it generally does not need mechanical processing.


  Third, form freedom degree is large. Magnesy neodymowe product can be made into magnets of complicated shape and uniform performance, such as thin wall, abnormity stick and tile.


  Fourth, the mechanical strength is good; the product is not easy to be broken, off side and off angle.


  Fifth, magnesy neodymowe can reuse the raw materials, so as to achieve the requirements of energy is saving, electricity saving, raw material saving and reducing the cost.


  Because of the above characteristics, magnesy neodymowe is particularly suitable for produce the machine of small size and high precision. Nowadays, magnesy neodymowe is widely used in the industries such as office automation, computer peripheral components, and electronics, automobile and so on.